Monday, November 28, 2016

SharePoint Farm Performance Monitoring Tool

New Version V 2.0 of this tool releasing soon. Please take a look.

Please click here to download the V1.0 tool. Post your questions in comment section

Download Link:

Sam's SharePoint Farm Monitoring Tool 1.0

Sam's SharePoint Farm Monitoring Tool is to monitor SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 farm servers and indicate to take action against the objects.


   Applicable to: SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 Farm

   1. Monitor SharePoint Servers in the Farm
   2. Monitor IIS
   3. Monitor Database Connection and SQL server
   4. Monitor Network and Domain Controller
   5. Monitor SharePoint Objects
   6. Verify State of Server, IIS, Database and Network objects and show the                      indicator to take action.
   7. Administration Panel


  1.      Monitor SharePoint Performance
  2.       Run this tool in any machine from the network.
  3.       Monitor all the Server objects without login to each server.
  4.       Easy to Monitor Large SharePoint Farms (More than 10 servers)
  5.       Monitor SharePoint farm from your own desktop
  6.       Indicator will show to take action against objects
  7.       Tool is fast and robust because of PowerShell calls and asynchronous operations.
   8.     Live Monitoring (Coming soon)
   9.     Auto Refresh feature
 10.     Proper Error Handling
 11.      Monitor all the servers in the farm on one click by filling the Farm Sheet(as like below).

For more information please click here.If you would like to test the tool, please request in comment section.

Answer to your feedback:

  • Where can you run this tool ?
    • You can run this tool from anywhere in your network. Because everything is powershell call and I hope every machine has windows powershell installed(in-built with OS). 
    • But if your machine/laptop in running in a Domain(let's say North America) and your SharePoint servers are hosted in a Western Europe domain, then I would recommend to run this tool in the same domain where your SharePoint servers are hosted to monitor it faster/quicker. Otherwise it will be slow because of network bandwidth.
    • But one of biggest advantage of using powershell calls is that: If you are running this tool for the 1st time for any test, it will take time as it takes, but if you run the same test again and again, it will be faster. Because I believe by the time, connection between your machine and SharePoint servers was established on the 1st test, so it only checks server objects.
  • Is there any possibility to enable Auto Refresh ?
    • Yes, I have uploaded the latest build exe (1.1) where you can find Auto Refresh feature.
  • Is there any possibility for live monitoring ?
    • There is no live monitoring, you can enable Auto Refresh feature to test on certain intervals.
    • Latest Update: Live Monitoring for CPU is ready. I will publish it very soon.
  • EXE doesn't run on my 64bit windows 8.1 version ?
    •  please change the Compatibility of the EXE file to Windows 7. Follow the link to change.
  • Alternative way, if you are somehow unable to test using excel sheet

    • you can click on Admin Panel(top right corner and put your servers with comma) to do the Test. See the steps here for your reference.
  • Didn't see a option to run as farm admin account
    • You need to hold Shift key and right click on the EXE -> Click on Run as different user -> Put your farm account credentials.


  1. can you please make the tool available to public.

  2. I'd be interested to try out, thanks

  3. I'd be interested to try out as well, looks amazing. Thank you!

  4. I am interested in trying this out too.

  5. I would like to test the app. I have multiple 2010 and 2013 farms.

  6. Would like to evaluate on large farm multi tiered and stretched

  7. Would be very interested in testing.

    1. Have a 2010 very customized farm and a 2013 development.

    2. Tool is available now to download.

  8. Thanks everyone for your interest on this tool.

    I will release the public version of this tool(with Free) very soon.

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  10. Would like to try this monitoring tool

  11. Would like to try this monitoring tool

  12. Hi Samarendra,
    please provide a Copy of the Tool. I like to Test and Verify it.
    Best regards,

  13. Hi Everyone,

    Free version of this Tool is now available to download. Please find the link on Top.

    Please use and share your feedback/questions.


  14. I tried the tool, The concept is nice, I was wondering if there is a possibility of an an Auto refresh button.

    The Help File does not give me enough information as to where to run the exe from ? The server or can I run it remotely ? Looking at the PS commands in the Admin Panel, it seemed like the server hosting the Farm, or a Server with Powershell that can remotely access the Farms in question.

    The fact that I like this tool is because it is light weight and no agent running on the servers, as many other such monitoring apps insist.

    Thanx Samarendra, its a gr8 start. I know you will add many more gr8 features..

    1. Thank you Shankar for your feedbacks. Yes I will add the Auto refresh button very soon.

      Regarding your 2nd question, I have updated in this post. Please check in buttom part.


  15. Hi Sam:

    Thanks for releasing the public version, while I was testing the monitoring tool I found that 'SharePoint Services' object is not working as expected.
    Eg: I stopped the SharePoint timer services and ran the tool but I didn't get any alerts related to stopped services.

    Also is there a possibility run this tool during a time window for live monitoring of an environment

    1. Thank you Salman for your feedback. If this timer service issue was with SharePoint 2013 Server, it has been fixed. You can download the latest exe(1.1)

      Well, there is no live monitoring, but this time I have put Auto Refresh feature which you can enable in certain intervals.


  16. Thank you for sharing this tool. Some of the function like disk space/physical memory/cpu do not work for me when I am not directly logged into the server. Can you provide any guidance for this?

    1. Hi Mark,

      If you are running the tool inside the server without importing the Farm excel sheet, then by default it select the 'Localhost' radio button(on the left), which means it monitor the objects of the logged in server.

      But if you are running this tool outside the server, either you need to prepare the excel sheet/specify the SharePoint server(s) inside 'Admin Panel'(in top right corner) for monitoring the objects.

      Also I hope you are running this tool from your desktop with the same account(having logon permission to the server).

      3rd Point: At any point, if you feel something is not working, you can simply click 'Admin Panel' on top right corner-> Look at the end -> Copy the Last PS Script text -> Execute the same script in your local Windows PowerShell(using same account) -> See the results and share to me.

      Let me know if you still have any issue ?


  17. Hi,
    I tried to run the software on Windows server 2012r2 and I get an error : "the microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine" , I tried to install "AccessDatabaseEngine_X64" get the same error

  18. Hi,
    I tried to run the software on Windows server 2012r2 and I get an error : "the microsoft.ace.oledb.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine" , I tried to install "AccessDatabaseEngine_X64" get the same error

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