Friday, September 16, 2016

SharePoint Site Monitoring Tool

New Version of this tool releasing soon.

Please click here to download the V1.0 tool. Post your questions in comment section


Download Link:

SharePoint Site Monitoring tool is to monitor the sites from each Web Front End(WFE) server and show you the results.

  • Test a SharePoint site from each WFE server.
  • Test multiple SharePoint sites from each WFE server.
  • Test a SharePoint site from a specific WFE server.
  • To know more click here.
If you would like to get the source code, please request in comment section.

Demo Screenshots.

Test a site:

Unexpected Error:

Watch the video...............

-Samarendra Swain


  1. i need SharePoint Site Monitoring Tool for free

    1. Yes Balu, it is free version tool, you can download from the link shared in top of my post